junio 17, 2012

Carta del Gobierno de las Islas Malvinas que se pretendió entregar a la Presidenta Cristina Fernández en el Comité de Descolonización de la ONU (2012) -versión en inglés-

Gobierno de la Islas Malvinas
[14 de Junio de 2012]

[Versión en Inglés]
The Falkland Islands Government
Office of the Legislative Assembly, Gilbert House,
Ross Road, Stanley, Falkland Islands
14 June 2012
President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Madam President,
We were pleased to read in your Foreign Minister's letter of 8 June to the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, that Argentina is prepared to sit down and listen.  We would like to take up that offer and are writing with one very simple purpose - to ask that the Argentine Government ends its campaign of harassment and intimidation against the Falkland Islanders, and allows us to live in peace on the Islands which have been our home for almost 180 years.
Recently, we have seen measures affecting our shipping and tourism industry, threats against our hydrocarbons industry, and a grossly offensive Olympic 'advert' which used our War Memorial as a prop.  This has been combined with aggressive rhetoric falsely claiming that we are somehow an implanted population, and that we are being 'held hostage' by the UK military presence here.  We find it impossible to comprehend why the Government of a large country such as Argentina, a member of the G20, continues to behave in this way towards our small country, ignoring our wishes, seeking to deny our fundamental political rights and to make our lives difficult. This behaviour will only make it harder to have neighbourly discussions on matters of mutual interest and harden our resolve against any change in the status of the Islands; it will not have any impact on the British Government's position.
As you know, today marks our Liberation Day.  We know that your Government accepts that what happened in 1982 was wrong, which makes it all the more difficult for us to understand why we are faced with such aggression and hostility today. On this special day for Falkland Islanders, we are glad of the opportunity to be here in New York to express our views publicly.  We would value even more the chance to make our feelings known to you directly, and if your busy schedule allows it, we would like to invite you to a short meeting with us during your visit here, or at a later time to be arranged.
The Falkland Islands Government will also be conducting a referendum in the near future, in order to democratically express our wishes for the future of the Falkland Islands to the world.
On behalf of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands

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